Bedouin Night: Hot Springs in the Desert

Bassam from the Kitesurf School mentioned the hot springs around Ras Sudr. A day later we are sitting on a truck and are taken by the Bedouin Ramadan and his brother to a night bathing session. Fourty minutes through the desert underneath a wonderful sky full of stars on a bumpy dusty road - loved it. The place itself looks rather unspectacular: a pond filled with incredible hot water, some trees (very unique in that desert) and a smell of sulfur. It is being told, that the British found this hot water source accidently when looking for oil. Nowadays, the hot springs serve not only as a tourist attraction but also as the water source for some households.


More exciting than the hot spring was however the campfire with this bedouin guy. He was constantly speaking on his (smart)phone so we didn't dive too deep in a conversation unfortunately. However, stories about how life is changing for Bedouin families have been very eye-opening. For instance how they slowly replace camels by cars and how mobilephones are more and more integrated into daily life.

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