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Last updated March 2023

Wadi Rum is a spectacular landscape and many movies were filmed here, such as Indiana Jones. Wadi Rum is a desert experience that no other country can offer. Enjoy the silence of the desert, go on adventurous jeep rides, see where Lawrence of Arabia has lived, and experience the Bedouin Culture of Jordan. 


There is no lack of offers and activities What To Do in Wadi Rum. And your camp will organise everything for you what you dream of. The question is only: Which camp should you stay at? 


At the moment, there are around 250 different Camps inside Wadi Rum. They range from very basic tents for 10 JD per night up to luxury experience for 200 JD per night. 


In this guide I am collecting reviews of Camps only from my own experience or from dear friend´s recommendations. 


How to get to Wadi Rum?

There is no public transport to Wadi Rum. So I recommend to organise a driver or rent a car. I am happy to share the contact of a driver, I am using his services for 2 years and he is ultra reliable & I am always excited to hear the latest news and stories from him about underground Jordan scene and news, which I can´t find in the media. His name is Haitham, his Whatsapp is: 00962799239914


What to do in Wadi Rum? 

climbing, enjoying the silence, star-gazing, hiking, jeep tour, sunset tour, camel rides, Bedouin experiences. I highly recommend to sign up for a climb up Jordan Highest Mountain: Jabal Umm Adami. I wrote an extra blog post about it with a comparison of offers and packages. 


Here are some good links: 



Orientation in Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum is a protected area and you need to pay an entrance fee which is 5JD per person for non-residents. However, some Camps are located outside the protected area and you are not crossing the ticket office in order to reach them. In that case, nobody will find out if you didn´t pay but this region is also investing a lot to keep it clean and proper - so it is best recommended to pass by the ticket counter in all cases firstly. Even if your Camp is outside the protected area, during your jeep tour you will enter the protected area anyways. 


Can I drive into the desert? 

Normally, it works like this: The Camp you booked sends you a location on WhatsApp where to meet. They will check your car. If you have a 4/4 car you can follow the Camp-employer and drive your car straight to the camp. If you have a normal car or don´t want to drive into the desert yourself, they will guide you to a safe parking spot and then you get a lift in their pick-up truck to the Camp. 

Quiet Village Camp


AC / Heater: yes

Breakfast: yes

Dinner: yes good buffet

Events: special packages on holidays and public holidays, Bedouin music, bonfire

Facilities: community areas inside and outside, private bathrooms

Jeep Tour: available

Rooms: in more advanced tents, private bathrooms

Location: here 

Contact: 07 7640 9977

Overall Ranking: 8/10

Rahayeb Camp


AC / Heater: yes

Breakfast: yes

Dinner: yess, nice buffet, included

Events: music and bonfire

Facilities: several community tents, dinner tent, outside seating area, 4G works but no WiFi

Jeep Tour: yes available

Rooms: 40 JD per person / different levels, nice rooms, private bathrooms available

Location: here

Contact: WhatsApp 0096279699030

Overall Ranking: 7/10

Family Camp


AC / Heater: No

Breakfast: yes, included

Dinner: available, cost extra 

Events: no

Facilities: only shared bathrooms, one community tent 

Jeep Tour: can be arranged

Rooms: 20 JDvery basic, no window 

Location: GC7R+X3V, Wadi Rum Village

Contact: 07 7722 5447

Overall Ranking: 5/10

Arena Desert Camp


AC / Heater: yes, all rooms

Breakfast: included

Dinner: included, great buffet also for veggies

Events: Music and Bonfire, free tea all day

Facilities: one dining area with benches, two outside tents, one heated community tent, view point on top of a dune, WiFi available

Jeep Tour: available, between 2-7 hours. Four hours costs 70 JD per Jeep. 

Rooms: 3 bed room available, private bathrooms, 50 JD per tent, with big glass window,

Location: here

Contact: Whatsapp 00962799954441

Overall Ranking: 8/10

Beyond Camp

AC / Heater: not available 

Breakfast: included

Dinner: not included

Events: Music and Bonfire

Facilities: one community tent for food and chill out 

Jeep Tour: available

Rooms: 30 JD per room

Location: here

Contact: 009627 7556 1933

Overall Ranking: 7/10

Yasmina Camp

AC / Heater: available 

Breakfast: included

Dinner: included

Events: Music and Bonfire

Facilities: several tents, dining tent, hang out tent with proper doors and windows

Jeep Tour: available

Rooms: 100 JD per room

Location: here

Contact: 0096207 9081 6333

Overall Ranking: 9/10

Wadi Rum Legend Camp

AC / Heater: yes, all rooms

Breakfast: included

Dinner: included, good buffet

Events: Music and Bonfire, free tea and water all day

Facilities: open and closed tents for eating and chill-out

Jeep Tour: 3 hours 20 JD per person

Rooms: 3 bed room available, private bathrooms, 25 JD per person per tent.

Location: here

Contact: Whatsapp 00962777511557

Overall Ranking: 7/10

Wadi Rum Island

AC / Heater: yes, all rooms

Breakfast: included

Dinner: included, good buffet

Events: Music and Bonfire

Facilities: open and closed tents for eating and chill-out, dining room with chairs and tables

Jeep Tour: 4 hours cost 80 JD per car

Rooms: arabic decorated rooms, 30 JD per person.

Location: here

Contact: Whatsapp 00962795373201

Overall Ranking: 7/10

After Wadi Rum....

From Wadi Rum you can go in an hours to Aqaba and enjoy beach life there. Check out my Guide Blog-Post about Aqaba.


Many people continue to Petra after Wadi Rum, it is around 2.5h drive by car. Check out my Blog Post about Wadi Musa and Petra.


Also the capital Amman might be your next destination, so you might enjoy reading my Insider-Guide to Amman with lots of good Pubs recommended! 

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