Zucchini-Pasta & Melon-Smoothie


Many people asked me: What do Tobias and I eat in Burkina Faso? The answer is maybe not that special, because we kind of eat the same things like in Germany. I have to admit though that there is less variety but nevertheless it´s not monotonous at all.


We eat only local and seasonal products and for that it is worth to have a few meals less. National dishes of Burkina are "tô" (in other African countries referred to as "pâte") and rice with peanut sauce.


Personally, I can´t, I just can´t eat "tô" because it tastes horrible for me. Rice with sauce is fine once in a while, but I´m so happy to be able to prepare my own meals. We benefit from trips to Ouagadougou, Niamey or Benin to buy some luxury products, such as cheese, chocolate or olive oil. Or we profit from friends who brought some nice things back from a holiday in Europe ;) 


Over the last month, I took photos of my most favorite meals.



Pancake with strawberry-jam. Pancakes are super easy to prepare. Fada has its own creamery and eggs are available anyways. Strawberry-jam was available in the supermarket only one time. Normally we buy lots and lots in Ouaga.




Indian Curry-Rice with Paneer. Oh yes, Tobias knows how to cook Indian dishes and he brought a suitcase of spices with him. We do the Paneer ourselves. Boil milk and add lemon get the whey apart. Press it through a towel and leave it a night in the fridge. Then we fried it and added more Indian spices to it.





Pasta-Salad. If there is one thing in Fada that is NEVER out of stock, it is Pasta. (see shopping in Fada) All different brands and types and they all taste very well! We add seasonal vegetables from the market. Beans and corn in tins from the supermarket.




Tropical-Yoghurt with chocolate chips. Ooookay, now it gets crazy: We bought Chocolate-Müsli in Benin (Origin: France). We bought Yoghurt in Ouaga (Origin: Lebanon) and Oranges from Fada (Origin: Togo). Oats from Fada (Origin: Britain). The international dish.



Kaiserschmarrn with chocolate sauce. "Kaiserschmarrn" is very very traditional dish from Austria. Some ingredients like cinnamon or raisins were missing but it was still so tasty. The chocolate sauce is made from chocolate cream (not as good as Nutella though).



Riz-cantoné avec Omlette. This is actually not our meal. I took the photo in our favorite restaurant, "Chez Sana". It is tastier than any rice-dish I have ever eaten. He learned to cook in Mali and adapted it to the local kitchen. He has over eight vegetarian dishes.



Melon-Banana-Smoothie. You become creative. I usually mix all fruits that I can get. A nice cool-down during the hot lunch break.



Rattatouie with Omlet. Another variety of potatoes ;)



Potatoes-Veggy-Pan. Easy meal, potatoes are always available!



Milky-Fruit-Salad. 100% from Fada.





Zuchini-Pasta. We cut very thin Zucchini-strips and stir them in the pan. If available, we add cheese. Otherwise it is also tasty with pepper and onions.





Eggplant-Bruschetta. Our own creation. We put eggplant, garlic, salt and oil into the blender and serve it on fresh warm bread from Fada-bakery.




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