Friendliness all over

Kenya, Ethiopia & Somalia

Escape to Diani



Diani Beach – this wonderful stripe of land lies south of Mombasa and is home to around 50 tourists resorts and hotels. Coming from Nairobi, over Voi with a stop in Mombasa, this neighborhood does...

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Kind of a hell trip


Ahw – Mombasa. It is only 450 Kilometer away from Nairobi. 450 Kilometers that wrench your nerves! I bought two tickets to Mombasa roughly a week in advance with a company called "Simba Coaches". Mistake! The first weird thing was, that...Read More

7 years younger

What nobody told me when I first came to Ethiopia and why you are seven years younger here. Read what you definitely need to know for surviving! Here ´ s the story: There is this lovely swimming pool in Addis where I went to do some...

Transport Somalia


In the meanwhile, Tobias and I have learned how to travel through Somalia by public transport. To speak honestly, we needed more than one attempt to understand the county´s system. In many travel reports you read that you need a personal armed guard. So wen wanted to get a permission to do our travels without.
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Crossing Borders



Yeah, another border crossing on foot. I trusted several travel reports which promise, there is an open border close to Jijiga in Ethiopia. There are regular buses from Addis to Harar. They start very punctual at 5.30 am. You even get a bottle of water and a small snack. Plus: If you ...Read More




Somalia is a country at the Horn of Africa with a population of 10 Million people. The country that is unfortunately only known for its piracy, is split in three big regions: Somaliland, Puntland, Somalia. 

Somaliland recognizes itself as an independent country, declared itself a republic....Read More