South East Asia: Myanmar

No-Go Zone for Tourists

My hostel in Hsipaw shows a big sign at the reception: Trips to Namhsan are forbidden, restricted area for tourists. Bad luck because I really really wanted to visit Namhsan, a little mountain village which my guide book calls “the Switzerland of Myanmar”. Due to gun fights this area is now...Read More



Birmas Beauty Secrets

Whitening creme? Slimming soap? Or breast maximizer? Everything is possible in Birma. Apperently, beauty does mean a lot to the woman and they spend a lot of money on it. Here is my top 3 beauty products from Myanmar...Read More

Visit the Karen People


The Karen refer to a number of Sino-Tibetan language speaking ethnic groups which reside primarily in Karen State, southern and southeastern Myanmar. The Karen make up approximately 7 percent of the total Burmese population of...Read More