Afghanistan Travel Video
Afghanistan · 11. September 2015
Backpacking in Afghanistan? It is possible and this video from 2015 is the proof. Media and TV images are only one side of this beautiful country. You go for a picknick, have pizza with your family or party hard on any onther day of the week. Seriously, not one single problem for me as a female-solo-traveller. Go and enjoy Afghanistan!

Afghanistan · 22. Mai 2015
Even if you promise yourself not to have any sterotypes, expectations or prejudices about Afghanistan - you will. Travelling Afghanistan and letting your friends and family know, does effect you! Because they are going to tell you all the horror stories, share their fear and send you internet-links of terrible news reports. Truth is completely different!

Afghanistan · 21. Mai 2015
Staying with a local family as I do in Kabul is the best cultural exchange you can have. Of course, Afghanistan is our topic all day long. But from time to time I also have the chance to answer their questions about Europe and Germany. Their view on Germany is too much perfect. I noticed that people generally think about Germany as a paradise on earth. When I tell them that there are not enough jobs for all, and that provinces have to save a lot of money regarding the educational or welfare...

Afghanistan as a travel destination?
Afghanistan · 01. Mai 2015
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