Kenia · 16. September 2016
Ahw – Mombasa. It is only 450 Kilometer away from Nairobi. 450 Kilometers that wrench your nerves! I bought two tickets to Mombasa roughly a week ago with Simba Coaches. The first weird thing was, that our tickets actually say “Royal Coaches” as a company. When I asked them for a reason, they said they a run out of tickets from Simba Coaches. On the day of departure, at 5am, our taxi driver could not find a bus at the station that is neither run by Simba Coaches nor Royal Coaches....

Kenia · 10. August 2016
Diani Beach – this wonderful stripe of land lies south of Mombasa and is home to around 50 tourists resorts and hotels. Coming from Nairobi, over Voi with a stop in Mombasa, this neighborhood does not look like we are still in Kenya. It is a westernized oasis with high class restaurants, proper side walks, fixed prices in every hotel and loads of white people. The number of tourists was even higher a few years back in time, before the Mombasa-attack as well as the Westgate-attack had...

Travel Video Kenya
Kenia · 05. August 2016
This time: Kenya. We visited Diani Beach, Mombasa Downtown, Nyeri, Nairobi, Ngong Hills and Nanyuki in 2016 in beautiful Kenya! My time in Kenya is over already....Kenya has been a special journey for me. HE proposed...super romantic.