Exploring former Soviet Union

Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazahstan & Kyrgyzstan


Auf der Seidenstraße reise ich durchs mystische Uzbekistan, verschneite Kirgistan und partyreiche Kasachstan. Der Kontrollzwang durch die örtlichen Behörden ist sicherlich ein Überbleibsel der Sovietunion. In Uzbekistan musste ich bei Ausreise Quittungen über jede Hotelnacht vorweisen. Dass ich einmal mit dem Bus über Nacht durchgefahren bin, führte gleich zu Diskussionen! Außerdem in den Berichten über Zentralasien: Meine Erfahrungen über das wohl unkonventionellste Reiseziel der Welt. Afghanistan.


Skiing in Chimbulak

Only a short bus ride from Almaty lies the beautiful ski resort Chimbulak. It is both fancy and posh and you find a lot of expensive cars of people wearing equal expensive sunglasses on the Chimbulak... Read More

Border Crossing

Walking into Kyrgyzstan

Crossing into a new country by foot and not by airplane is always very exciting for me. Maybe that is because it is an all-sense-experience. Within Europe I have crossed many borders, sometimes even without...Read More


Money Uzbekistan

You need an extra bag

Money in Uzbekistan is a complicated issue. The currency´s name is Som, which means “pure” or as the etymology implies “pure gold”. The highest bank note is 5000 Som which is equal to 2 USD on the official...Read More


3 Questions

Afghanistan as travel destination?

It might not be the most famous destination in 2015: Afghanistan. One the other hand, this country is a paradies for backpackers, pioniers and wild guys. No guidebooks, no tourist-infrastructure, all responsibility on you! It is a challenge but who ever it begins, will be paid back by hospitality. How to get there, where to stay and what to see. Read More

Good News

How Media effects the image

Staying with a local family as I did in Kabul is the best cultural exchange you can have. Of course, politics, culture and climate of Afghanistan is our topic all day long. But from time to time I also have the chance to answer their questions about Europe and Germany. Their view on Germany is too perfect. I have noticed...Read More

False Assumptions

3 prejudices explained

Even if you promise yourself not to have any sterotypes, expectations or prejudices about Afghanistan - you will. Travelling Afghanistan and letting your friends and family know, does effect you! Because they are going to tell you all the horror stories, share their fear and send you internet-links of terrible news reports. Truth is completely different! Read More