In Love with South Asia

Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh & Nepal


Viermal musste ich einfach nach Bangladesch reisen: das erste Mal war Zufall! Das zweite Mal war der Besuch meiner neuen Freunde. Das dritte Mal war eine Bestätigung für mich, dass es wirklich mein Lieblingsland ist. Und das vierte Mal, war nicht letzte Mal - das steht fest. Aber auch Sri Lanka hat mich reisetechnisch total erfüllt. In Nepal verbrachte ich die meiste Zeit im Gebirge auf Wanderwegen oder in Klösern. Für mein günstigstes Hotelzimmer zahlte ich 1,50 Euro. Im Jahr 2018 kam dann auch noch Indien dazu, lange Zeit hatte ich zu viel Respekt vor diesem Land!

Half Day Trip Negombo

Twenty three kilometres from Negombo to Colombo. The perfect distance for a half day trip on your arrival day. This is what I thought, but things will fall in place differently. The concierge in my hotel advised me to pay approximately 200 Rupee (1,50 Euro) to get to the center by bus, tuk tuk or whatever else. So I walked.....


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Arrival Guide Sri Lanka


When arriving at the Bandaranaike International Airport, there was nothing to be discontent with. The airport is not very big so you don’t have to walk a lot. Even the queue for visa-on arrivals, which you pay in USD, was very short. They had every counter open and so I was outside the airport including visa stamp and the use of a very clean toilet...



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Rural Dreamland in Bangladesh

Srimangal is a rural dreamland. So many different types of green, amazing landscape and very friendly people. After a few days in the capital Dhaka, I am on my way too one of the most beautiful places on earth. After a stay in smoggy Dhaka, Srimangal, the tea-capital, is a real relief with its clean air...



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Beach Guide North Goa

Goa does not necessarily means party, yoga and hippie. No! Goa can also mean relaxation, massage and water sports. It all depends on where you go. The coastline is long and thus there are many, many beaches.....


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South Goa: Spice-Quiz

Do you know what the most expensive spice is? And do you know the average growing time of vanilla? This and many more facts now on my new article about the Tanishkar Spice Farm deep in the south Goan rain forest.


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