Philosophical Thoughts from a Traveller

We see airplanes and wonder where these passengers fly to. We go to book shops only to flick through guidebooks in the travel section. We send our minds traveling on new itineraries. We stop in front of travel agencies and watch breathlessly their amazing photos. All destinations where we have been or where we are going next.

We browse through our travel photos from last years. Refresh our memories, call back that significant smell of the fish market in Bangladesh for example. Or that fresh aroma of a lush-green rice field after monsoon in Nepal. We riffle through our boarding passes collection, remembering that plane from Lebanon to Frankfurt which accidentally landed in Bahrain.

Perhaps we have also a world map with little flags in each city we have traveled to. Then we look at it and try to retrieve, where we have spent Christmas three years ago? Our last birthday abroad? The fanciest hostel we have slept?

Our symptoms of wanderlust are our only engine and catalyst to survive the gaps between traveling. We live for traveling unconditionally and our journeys fueling us in our daily-life-routine.

The feeling that anything is possible keeps us alive. We surrender only to the eternity of the universe. Our hearts crave for wandering and when we receive our new-smelling empty passport every now and then we feel like they took a little bit of our identity.


We don´t have much money and never won the lottery. We sell all our gods or at least rent out our apartment. We buy a one way ticket and our eyes sparkle.


We can´t sleep until we eventually sit in the plane, knowing some people now look up to us and wondering where we are heading to. We spend little money. Smiles are our currency. We don't buy things we don´t need and we know we don´t need much.

One lesson the road tough us already; We will also tell our children´s children when taking them to the first hiking tour elsewhere: The less things we have, the better we live. We don´t own things and things don´t own us.


All belongings fit into a bag that we carry for years. Sometimes we notice that even that is still too much. Little annoyances cannot bother us. If there is a stone in our way, we´ll climb over it. We know ourselves better than anything else in the world. We know our fears and desires. And we are strong enough to choose not to suffer from small problems.

We will stay relaxed and smile. We take challenging situation as a gift and take every given moment as our incredible faith. We rather chose a bed in a tribal bamboo hut than a bed in a hostel. We deem experience weights more than money.


We are born with gypsy blood and are thirsty for traveling as long as we can remember. We are dreamers and idealists but never reckless or ingenuous. Yes, we are romanticists and enthusiasts but never flippant or unsound.


Some call us globetrotter. Backpacker. Adventure. Explorer. Wanderer. We adopted them all but in fact we are modern nomads. Modern nomads coming from everywhere, from every small corner on this earth, every continent.

We share the inability to stay in the same place for long and our restless feet always lead us to the same place: the road. And there we meet. In home stays, hostel dorm, tents, hammocks, on couches, at airports, shantytowns, over-night-buses, on floors in train stations.


We can tell the most awkward and awesome stories of making friends. That guy who hosted us for a week after our tent broke. That girl who lend us money, as our credit cards was stolen. That guy who finally stopped, after waiting hours in the rain for a lift. We can tell stories about passionate love, incredible adventure, lived dreams, tamed fears, lessons we have learned, inspiring human beings – so many more yet to come.

We peel off our layers with every step we take, every mountain we climb, every kilometer we cover, with every culture we adopt to. Then we find the seed of our personality and we internalise the epiphany of a sunny-soul. An unconditionally optimistic philosophy. And that makes us sanguine and strong-willed.


Comfortable for us is whatever is uncomfortable. We know how to use a toilet in a mountain village in Myanmar without getting insect bites on private body parts. We know how to eat with our hands in Pakistan and successfully avoiding diphtheria. We know how great it was, when our feet are dark of dirt after another day of traveling. We are hypnotized by different styles of communication, traffic or how other cultures raise their children.

The only predictable variable is that we are moving. Wandering around. Waking up in the morning not knowing where we will sleep at night. This is our definition of freedom. We have no watch but we have time. We learned how to live the presence at its fullest and how much energy this philosophy gives us back.


We have inspired souls, burning passions. In harsh surroundings we experienced the most raw and original moments.

We want to capture this all.

We don´t run away. We travel to unfold our self.


We want to capture this fantastic sunrise over the tea gardens in Bangladesh, we want to capture that view from the highest mountain in Kazakhstan, we want to capture the smell of a fresh Caipirinha at the Copacabana, and the taste of a hunted pork in a tribe-town in Myanmar.


Endless examples of being human in this world. Sun´s setting and rising, colorful horizons. And this is how we find clearness. And therefore we chaise our dreams. Our dream of pure traveling.

Home is where our hearts are. And our hearts are wherever we are at the moment.