Strawberries! Yummy!


Little things in life can make you happy: For instance strawberries. If you did not eat them for over twelve months! Right now it is harbest season for these red tasty fruits in Burkina Faso. But most of the strawberries leave the Burkina straight away as an export to other countries. Only a few fruits reach the local market in Ouagadogou, the capital. No straerries at all reach our town Fada N´Gourma. First reason is because, yes, there are not enough strawberries! Secondly, in fact only a few people in Fada know about strawberries so there is simly no market for it. Nobody (apart from Tobias and me) would buy strawberries. And third reason: The transport. The way to Fada is long, bumpy and it gets very hot! It would probably damage the fruits. Tobias ad I tried to give it a try and bought enough strawberries for the next weeks! Everything arrived more or less well. They are now in the refrigerator and we are enjoying tasty morning-smoothies these days!