Jordan · 10. September 2023
If you come to Amman between April and September, please make sure you are visiting Souq Jara on Fridays, 10AM to 10PM. It is a local bazar and helps local artists to sell their products. All handmade, all made in Jodan. Mostly, they only have instagram stores and no physical shop location. So it is a really good place to find a nice deal :)

Jordan · 02. September 2023
Johanna went for the first time to the Circus. It was an absolute amazing experience. We were both so excited for 2 weeks. I think it was also the first time that a Circus stopped in Amman. Since we bought the tickets, Johanna asked me every single morning: "How many more nights?"

Travel Video Manama (Bahrain)
Bahrain · 13. August 2023
Here it is! My travel video about Manama, Bahrain. A short video can express more than 1000 words. We mingled through the narrow streets of the Manama souq, visited the big Mosque, enjoyed sunset at King Faisal Corniche, went to the aquarium and explored a high number of indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Narrow streets, enormous heat and lots of small shops. The street sides are lined with all sorts of oriental, homemade products: colorful, fluffy sofa cushions, hanging mosaic-like lamps, carved...

Bahrain · 11. August 2023
The Kingdom of Bahrain has many various things to offer. Depending on the time of the year, you might wanna do a lot of indoor activities under the AC or just never leave the pool at all. Travelling with kids to Bahrain is totally fine. And there are a lot of fun placed where you can take them and get a glimpse of the local culture at the same time. In this article, I have out together a collection not just of kids activities but also general Must-Sees in Bahrain and some hidden gems! Enjoy.

Bahrain · 09. August 2023
Narrow streets, enormous heat and lots of small shops. The street sides are lined with all sorts of oriental, homemade products: colourful, fluffy sofa cushions, hanging mosaic-like lamps, carved wooden tables and Arabic spices as far as the eye can see. The 1001-night-feeling is enhanced by oud fragrance clouds thanks to the incense sticks in front of each shop. I walk through the souq of Manama, the capital of Bahrain. And the only thing I'm really looking for, are as many authentic insights...

Sri Lanka · 08. Juli 2023
Lange bevor die Trommel geschlagen wird, um die Nonnen zum Frühstück zu rufen, laufen die Vorbereitungen in der Gemeinschaftsküche auf Hochtouren. Ich unterstütze, wo ich kann, wo ich die Abläufe erahnen und verstehen kann. Aktuelle Aufgabe: 150 Pakete von Schokosticks müssen ausgepackt und auf ein Tablet gelegt werden. In dem buddhistischen Kloster, in dem ich zur Zeit wohne, werden alle Mahlzeiten gespendet. Das heißt, Kloster selbst gibt kein Geld für Lebensmittel aus. Wie das...

Johanna´s Graduation
Jordan · 03. Juli 2023
In Jordan, things are different. First, kids go to the pre-school, and then to kindergarden :) Sounds new to people from Germany at least - where it is the other way round (if toddlers go to a pre-school at all). However, in Jordan, Johanna completed her two years of pre-school now and she will move on to a kindergarden in September after summer break. This means: Leaving her classroom, leaving the teachers, leaving the institution.

19. Juni 2023
Atmosphere: This new Café is cozy, calm and in a good location. You sit under umbrellas in shade and observe the street life in Abdoun. Food: Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, french touch. Location: WVQG+J9 Amman

Jordan · 15. Juni 2023
Four Dinar for half an hour in a room full of cats. The idea sounds bizarre but the room is always crowded. No pre-booking needed, you can enter on the spot. Someone had this genius idea and now it totally works. The place is very, very clean and tidy...totally unexpected with so many cats in one room. It seems that they have a good life, though they get fed a lot. Including in your ticket is not only the cuteness of the cats but also: brushing, feeding, playing, cuddling. And for that the...

House Warming Gathering
Jordan · 13. Juni 2023
Six weeks had passed already, but I guess that is still a valid time frame to celebrate the house warming with your friends! So we celebrated the move eventually all together. From ground floor to roof top and the view is really amazing. For logistical reasons, there were two partys :) One with kids and one without....To summarize it short: The adults party was cleaned within 15 minutes. The kid´s party was given the title by my couchsurfer Natalie (who helped me so much preparing for it)...

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