Pakistan · 06. Oktober 2022
Islamabad ist der perfekte Einstieg um die Pakistan-Reise zu starten. Nicht nur weil es die Hauptstadt ist und sehr gute Flugverbindungen in die Welt hat, sondern auch weil Islamabad angenehm, ruhig, extrem sauber und kinderfreundlich ist ! So kann man sich langsam an die Reisedestination Pakistan gewöhnen und im selbst gewählten Tempo in die hektischeren Städte weiterziehen. In diesem Artikel teilen wir unsere 7 besten Tipps für Familien-Touristen in Islamabad.

Pakistan · 03. Oktober 2022
Mit einer Dreijährigen nach Pakistan? Ist das überhaupt sicher und ungefährlich? Was kann man mit Kindern in Pakistan unternehmen? Und wie man im Vorfeld schon das richtige einpackt, lest ihr in diesem Artikel.

Jordan · 24. September 2022
Die Couchsurfing community in Amman wächst. Mittlerweile finden einige Meet-Ups und Events statt. Zum ersten Mal hat ein sehr aktives Mitglied von Couchsurfing ein riesiges Food-Sharing Event organisiert. Zuvor musste man sich online sogar registrieren und sein Gericht anmelden, welches man mitbringt.

Jordan · 18. September 2022
As always, couchsurfing brings the best surprises to our life ! This time we met Lucie and Matt through the couchsurfing network. We had the pleasure to host them for three days and learn about their really crazy and adventures world trip on motorbike ! A bear attack, few accidents and lots of logistical challenges is what the travelers dealt with so far. Now they are off to Saudi Arabia. In my latest blog article, you can read their story!

Jordan · 15. September 2022
Nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeit haben wir es endlich in den Vogelpark geschafft, der schon so lange auf unserer Liste stand. Zwischen Tla-Al-Ali und Shmeisani liegt der "Birds Garden", wo man pro Person nur 0.25 JOD Eintritt zahlt. Also ca. 0.50 Euro. Das Gelände des Vogelparks ist überraschend weitläufig, dafür dass der Park in einem Wohnviertel liegt.

You know you live in Jordan, when....
Jordan · 08. September 2022
Slowly but surely, after 1,5 years, we are understanding life in Jordan better and deeper :) Some mysteries could be solved and cultural questions answered. We feel so so so homely in Amman and adapted to to the new culture, took over Jordanian habits and in some ways also the lifestyle. I would like to share 7 things, that still make us smile...And I ask you to read this article also with a smile, and do not take it too serious :) Tamam? 7 things, you only know when you live in Jordan....

New Travel Video: Caucasus Region Roadtrip
Caucasus  · 30. August 2022
📢A brand new travel video is here 🌍This summer we went to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia and slept every single night in a new place. Just a couple of days before the trip, Johanna decided to quit her afternoon nap for ever, which made everything easier 👌🏼 Azerbaijan surprised us with underground tunnels made from marble. Georgia took our breath away with this incredible landscape high in the Caucasus Mountains. And Armenia, especially Yerevan, is the perfect place to be with...

Yerevan with kids
Caucasus  · 28. August 2022
Yerevan was our little personal highlight. The surprise of the entire trip. Yerevan itself is a big, green park. Lots of gardens around the city center, so many trees....and despite the hot weather everything is growing because there is plenty of water. Benches everywhere, invite you to take a pause...grab a coffee from the mobile coffee-bicycles and enjoy this bustling city. Also for kids, Yerevan has a lot to offer. It won´t be boring for kids of any age: from toddlers to teens. In this...

Over night train from Georgia to Armenia
Caucasus  · 13. August 2022
One of our highlights on our vacation was the train journey from Georgia to Armenia. Why? Well, because the idea to cross countries on a train sounded super exciting to us. Secondly, because it is a night train and was Johanna´s first ever sleep on a train. Last but not least, we arrived fresh in Armenia, looking out of the window and enjoying the mountains covered by morning sun. In this article you are going to get all the details, how to travel from Georgia (Tbilisi) to Armenia (Yerevan) by...

Must Do´s when in Georgia
Caucasus  · 10. August 2022
Georgia is a traveler-wonderland when it comes to activities, things to do, sights to visit and to explore the unbeaten-tracks. There is really plenty to discover. I really advice you, not to plan your holiday in too much detail, because once in Georgia, speaking to locals and other travelers, you will hear about so many more things. Impossible for guide books to list all the fun things to do in Georgia - there are just too many. But here are five ideas, that you should definitely not miss on...

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