Jordan · 22. Februar 2024
This is how the North of Jordan looks in spring. Lush green grasland after it had rained a lot. However, the water reservoir is only filled half (compared to the previous years). The change of colors is very welcomed! Only a 2h drive from Amman and one can enjoy this scenery.

Jordan · 21. Februar 2024
Sharing about our success about kicking off the new project at URI called "Inner Strength Women Circles". During the last three days we have worked with in total 12 women, from 7 cities in Jordan, representing 6 Cooperation Circles and 5 diversities. We created a workshop design suitable for their communities on Self Care, Resilience & mental health and had sessions about "good facilitation". They will become the new trainers for the Inner Strength Circles. Mabruk to all !

Jordan · 08. Februar 2024
Mosaic art in Madaba, Jordan, holds significant historical and cultural importance. Madaba is renowned for its ancient mosaic tradition, dating back to the Byzantine era. The city is often referred to as the "City of Mosaics" due to the abundance of mosaic artworks found in its churches, homes, and public buildings. The most famous mosaic in Madaba is the Madaba Map, which is located in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. This map is the oldest known map of the Holy Land and depicts...

Jordan · 05. Februar 2024
When in Amman, make sure you visit the Citadel. It is included in the Jordan Pass. For me, the Citadel provides one of the most beautiful views once can get over Amman. There is also a cafe and souvenir store. Take our your video camera if the Azan starts from a dozen of mosques! Goosebumps.

Jordan · 02. Februar 2024
Happy Birthday my little angel! You turned already 5 years! More than half of your life in Jordan :) I am so proud of you. What an exciting birthday party and so many lovely gifts. Thank you everyone!!

Jordan · 24. Januar 2024
Great experience and so many friendly people! Here are some photos of the couchsurfers staying with us in Amman in 2023. In total I hosted 11 people from 10 countries, including Spain, Korea, Macedonia and Hong Kong.

Visiting the Ghost Town of Famagusta
Cyprus · 08. November 2023
Wer sich für die Geschichte und Entstehung der Zweiteilung Zyperns interessiert, wird in der Recherche schnell auf den Ort "Famagusta" stoßen. Er wird als "Ghost City" betitelt. Und in meinem letzten Zypern Urlaub bin ich so nah wie möglich dran gefahren. Dafür musste ich allerdings eine Landesgrenze überqueren, die Passkontrolle hinter mir lassen - und eine Autoversicherung abschließen. Alles zur Besichtigung von Famagusta in diesem Artikel. English: Anyone who is interested in the...

Zaha Culture Center
Jordan · 22. Oktober 2023
The Zaha Culture Center is a great place to visit for families. It is located in the "Khalda" district and offers great outdoor fun. What can you do at Zaha? There are two playgrounds, one little amusement park. Really suitable for small kids. A tiny paddle-boat lake (in summer) and also very suitable for small kids. Also, there is space for cultural events, but this depends on the schedule and is not every day. How much does Zaha Culture Center cost? In general, it is free. You can use the...

Jordan · 10. September 2023
If you come to Amman between April and September, please make sure you are visiting Souq Jara on Fridays, 10AM to 10PM. It is a local bazar and helps local artists to sell their products. All handmade, all made in Jodan. Mostly, they only have instagram stores and no physical shop location. So it is a really good place to find a nice deal :)

Jordan · 02. September 2023
Johanna went for the first time to the Circus. It was an absolute amazing experience. We were both so excited for 2 weeks. I think it was also the first time that a Circus stopped in Amman. Since we bought the tickets, Johanna asked me every single morning: "How many more nights?"

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