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Bring your toddler to Aqaba

Aqaba deserves more than just a night at the beginning or end of a trip because Ryanair lands here. Aqaba is unique and has so much to offer. And Johanna is also enthusiastic about our week's holiday in Aqaba. There's no shortage of kids' activities in this southernmost city in Jordan. And we don't want to withhold this from you. Here are NINE great ideas for toddlers and kids in Aqaba.

Floating Dead Sea Jordan

Most part of accessible beaches at the Dead Sea are nowadays owned by very famous resorts. So one way of getting to the Dead Sea, is booking a night in such expensive resorts. The second opinion is: the public beach. And the third option: Buying a day pass to get to the Dead Sea will find all the information in this guide. 

Jordan Eco Park in the North

The Eco Park in Jordan is a nice nature-getaway for adults and kids alike, with many activities, such as Jordan´s longest zipline. Together with befriended families, we went there for a relaxed nature day, including lunch at the Eco Park and a guided walk around the nearby Dam, which turned out to be much longer and more beautiful than expected.

Jordan highest mountain hike

As a guided group we hiked the highest mountain in Jordan, called Jabal Umm Adami and is located in Wadi Rum. This hike becomes more and more famous and I would like to share my experience and also give an overview of different offers and some ideas of what a hike might cost you.

Hiking in Dana National Park

You are probably thinking whether Dana should be added to your itinerary in Jordan or not, right? Well, the short answer is: YES, definitely. In this blog article, you will understand the infrastructure around Dana and get information about non-guided-hikes. 

What To Do in Aqaba

You are planning to travel to Aqaba or you already landed there? This blog article helps you to make the most of your time in Aqaba. This article includes restaurant recommendations, hotel places to stay in Aqaba and also lots of sightseeing ideas for this little beach town.

7 Best Camps in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a spectacular landscape and many movies were filmed here. Wadi Rum is a desert experience that no other country can offer. Enjoy the silence of the desert, go on adventurous jeep rides and experience the Bedouin Culture of Jordan. 

Full Jordan Free Guide

This article contains many off beaten track 

recommendations, advises and local contacts to travel independently through Jordan. You will need nothing more to plan your trip. 

12 Kids Indoor Play Ideas

Jordan is definitely worth a trip! Especially for families. There are tons of things to do with kids in Amman. Here is our personal collection.

Amman Inside Guide (Free)

In this ´Inside Guide Amman´we have collected from our various experiences the best of the best recommendations and activities for you. We ❤️ Amman.

Amman for Families To Do

Travelling Jordan means enjoying kids-friendliness ALL over. Jordan is definitely worth a trip! Especially for families. There are tons of things to do with kids in Amman. Here is our personal collection.

Ma´in Hot Springs Guide

Jordan is definitely worth a trip! Especially for families. There are tons of things to do with kids in Amman. Here is our personal collection.

Best Pubs in Amman

My friends and I are exploring the Pub scene in Amman for you :) Check out our Amman Pub Ranking, with best beer choices and all Happy Hours.

Our. Earth. Rocks.

We see airplanes and wonder where these passengers fly to. We go to book shops only to flick through guidebooks in the travel section. We send our minds traveling on new itineraries. We stop in front of travel agencies and watch breathlessly their amazing photos. Our symptoms of wanderlust are our only engine and catalyst to survive the gaps between traveling. The feeling that anything is possible keeps us alive. We can´t sleep until we are eventually on the road again.


Der Our-Earth-Rocks-Blog ist seit 2009 mein Tagebuch. In erster Linie schreibe ich das für mich selbst. Irgendwann fing ich dann an, meine Reiseberichte mit der Welt zu teilen. In den letzten zehn Jahren habe ich über 70 Länder bereist - Zuerst allein, dann mit Partner und nun zu dritt. Ich bin überzeugte Minimalistin und reise am liebsten nur mit Handgepäck. Mein Lieblingsland ist Bangladesch und das einzige Mal ausgeraubt wurde ich in Brasilien. In Myanmar zahlte ich 2 Euro für ein Einzelzimmer und die Grenze nach Somalia habe ich zu Fuß überquert. Schweinefett probierte ich in der Urkaine und in Afghanistan besuchte ich eine Techno-Party. In Uzbekistan meisterte ich eine 24-h-Zugfahrt und im Iran lernte ich eine Freundin fürs Leben kennen.


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