Central Asia

2015 was the journey of Central Asia. Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan and then (out of Central Asia)  Bangladesh once more. I love crossing countries by foot so much. Would do that trip any time again.


2014 - Ever tried pork fat? Me neither but Ukraine gave me big time. It is GROSS! Visiting Majdan Square, talking to witnesses of the protests 2013, seeing shopping paradises, lakes and going for a hike in a famous ski resorts.


This time: Kenya. We visited Diani Beach, Mombasa Downtown, Nyeri, Nairobi, Ngong Hills and Nanyuki in 2016 in beautiful Kenya! My time in Kenya is over already....Kenya has been a special journey for me. HE proposed...super romantic.


Some impressions from our roadtrip through Oman in 2016: Muscat, Sur, Nizwa, the desert, the beach, Masirah Island, Ibra. Just stunning! We camped all the way, watched many camels and rode the waves! 2000 Miles with our great 4x4 through rivers, wadis and deserts. Climbing mountains and finding the most beautiful lonely beaches.


Backpacking in Afghanistan? It is possible and this video from 2015 is the proof. Media and TV images are only one side of this beautiful country. You go for a picknick, have pizza with your family or party hard on any onther day of the week. Seriously, not one single problem for me as a female-solo-traveller. Go and enjoy Afghanistan!


2016 - A long weekend in Germany - lets go to the airport and fly to Bosnia Herzegovina. Best decision ever. Only three hours flight but a different world which is worth to explore. No visa needed! Cultural influences from Asia, the Turkmen Empire, Arabic architecture, a lot of historical mosques, crazy nightlife and food you would die for.

Burkina Again

We had lived in Fada N´Gourma for a year at that time but never made it to the south of the country. My brother and my cousin, who came for a visit from Europe, changed this. We explored the country together, went on Safaris and tried many different guesthouses. The landscape around Bobo is so amazingly different that the dusty dry enviroment in Fada: Lush green cotton fields, waterfalls, lakes and tropical forests! We had just discovered a completely new Burkina Faso ;)

Benin I

2015: Benin-Job: Finished after 3 months! It was a roller-coaster ride of feelings. A horrible start here in Parakou,  serious shortage of food in our city. On the other hand I swam for the first time in a jungle waterfall, had lot of success in my project, many adventurous excursions, produced a short film with a wonderful team.

Burkina I

2017: Drone Video from Burkina Faso Campement de Thialy. Filmed with DJI Mavic. You haven´t seen Burkina from this perspektive - from above! Stunning footage from Campement Thialy by drone. Tobias took these images on our second visit to Thialy, 2 hours away from Fada. It is his first drone-video and already so amazing!

Benin II

2015: This video gives a introduction about how Hannah and I lived in our cozy house in Parakou. Options within bathroom & kitchen were rather limited but somehow we managed. In the end, we were preparing noodles inside the water heater. We loved our big living room area and felt very homely in the end.

Burkina II

2017: Another video of wonderful nature and landscape in Burkina Faso. This time filmed mainly in Pama, Diapaga, Logbou and Fada N´Gourma on several week end trips. You´ll see hiking-paradises and waterfalls. (Yes, waterfalls in the Sahel area). Video includes time-lapses and drone-images. Enjoy watching!


Here is the travel video of our trip to Egypt in 2017. Planned like a relaxing kitesurfing holiday, we spontaneous decided to go on see the country: Cairo, Ras Rusdr, Suez and Alexandria. Drank my first sugar-cane-drink and had a bath underneath the stars in a hot-spring. And by the way: Flykitesurfing - best Kite-Spot!


2017: Our video about a month in Mandrem, located in beautiful Goa-State in India. The magic of the  spice-plantations, the sound of the ocean, beautiful minds and souls, the fantastic food, that makes you  addicted! We enjoyed yoga, meditation, ayurvedic treatments, vegan food, live concerts and of  course the sea and the beach to our fullest!