Jordan · 25. März 2023
In a big guided group we hiked the highest mountain in Jordan, called Jabal Umm Adami and is located in Wadi Rum. This hike becomes more and more famous and I would like to share my experience and also give an overview of different offers and some ideas of what a hike might cost you.

Jordan · 20. März 2023
The Eco Park in Jordan is a nice nature-getaway for adults and kids alike, with many activities, such as Jordan´s longest zipline. Together with befriended families, we went there for a relaxed nature day, including lunch at the Eco Park and a guided walk around the nearby Dam, which turned out to be much longer and more beautiful than expected - and....we celebrated my birthday :)

Jordan · 05. März 2023
We have driven past it so many times on the way to Aqaba and we have never paid our attention to the city of Karak in the south of the country. With our two couchsurfers "Marium" (more on that later) and Alicia we want to change that today and finally visit the city and the castle. In addition to the sights, we also have to clear up a mission: Does the milky kara tea come from here?

Deas Sea Day Passes
Jordan · 22. Februar 2023
A journey to Jordan is not complete without floating in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea in Jordan is the perfect place for some relaxation and a unique lifetime experience: Swimming at the lowest point on earth, in the second most salty lake in the world. Also, if you suffer from certain chronicle diseases or from skin problems, the Dead Sea can promise some relief. Most part of accesible beaches at the Dead Sea are nowadays owned by very famous resorts. So one way of getting to the Dead Sea, is...

Jordan · 09. Februar 2023
Yep, we are in the middle of winter in Amman. It is raining a lot and every other day the government even announces states of emergencies due to the drop of temperatures and heavy rain and winds. It is time to take your kids for amusement somewhere I N S I D E.......just too uncomfortable outside. In this blog article I collected 13 amazing ideas on what to do with kids in Amman indoors.

Jordan · 05. Februar 2023
While Amman is wet and cold, we are looking for a little bit of summer whithout big effort. The warmth is only a short drive away from Amman and you can easily find summer as a daytrip :) All you need to do is to drive towards Madaba and then take the street to Ma´in Hot Springs. Weather here is always warmer than Amman and the best is: You can go swimming all year round - because the water comes extremely hot through a nearby natural source.

Jordan · 21. Januar 2023
You are probably thinking whether Dana should be added to your itinerary in Jordan or not, right? Well, the short answer is: YES, definitely. In this blog article, you will understand the infrastructure around Dana and get information about non-guided-hikes. Also in this post, recommendations where to stay and how to continue your journey from Dana onwards.

Roadtrip, Silvester, Donuts und jede Menge Flausen
Jordan · 08. Januar 2023
Der Countdown auf dem Handybildschirm läuft seit September letzten Jahres. Da hatte Tobias´ Schwester mit Familie ihren Trip nach Jordanien bereits gebucht. Und nun war es endlich so weit - sie sind da !!! Mit 7 Personen durch Jordanien im Schnelldruchlauf. Inklusive drei Kindern, manchmal eine logistische Herausforderung - aber auf jeden Fall mit eine der besten Wochen in 2022 !

Wadi Rum - Where to stay?
Jordan · 06. Januar 2023
Last updated March 2023

Jordan · 03. Januar 2023
You are planning to travel to Aqaba or you already landed there? This blog article helps you to make the most of your time in Aqaba. This article includes restaurant recommendations, hotel places to stay in Aqaba and also lots of sightseeing ideas for this little beach town. Enjoy your time in Aqaba and please let me know if this guide is missing any information! Travelling to the rest of Jordan? Make sure to check my Jordan Travel-Directory! Visiting Amman? Read my Amman-Inside-Guide

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