Half Day Trip Negombo

Twenty three kilometres from Negombo to Colombo. The perfect distance for a half day trip on your arrival day. I thought at least…It will come different.

The concierge in my hotel advised me to pay approximately 200 Rupee (1,50 Euro) to get to the center by bus, tuk tuk or whatever else. So I walked from my hotel to the main street, stopping every tuk tuk that passes bye. After talking to four different drivers who all wanted to charge 2500 Rupee (13,50 Euro) I finally was aware that 200 Rupees was a dream. I waved down the fifths tuk tuk, jumped on, and said ´Colombo downtown´ without asking again for the price. After a while the driver noticed in good English ´you are a strange tourist, you did not ask me how much to pay´ Well, I replied that I am going to trust him and that I know that the approximately amount is only 200 Rupee anyway, ha ha =) We became friends and agreed on 1500 Rupees.

After driving half an hour ( I thought we are nearly in Colombo) we stopped at his friend’s house, still in Negombo. Why? Because the driver himself does not have the license to go all the way to Colombo, so his friend had to drive. Okay, the previous driver and me in the back, his friend driving in the front.

Then we stopped again, because the driver wanted to smoke, but it is not allowed to do so while driving when carrying tourists.

Then we stopped again, because they wanted me to try Sri Lankan coconuts.

Then we stopped again, because they wanted me to try mint water. Then we stopped again to say ´hello´ at a friend’s house.

Then the driver said I have to pay 2000 Rupee (500 more than as agreed upon) because the drive takes so long. Good one… I assumed that I could drive and that then everything would go quicker, because I won´t stop for every street food stand and I told them about my idea. I promised I have a driving license, not for a tuk tuk but for cars. That impressed and so I ended up driving a tuk tu in Sri Lanka after one hour in the country =) If I will run out of money, I know how to help myself… After driving for a while, we changed again, because my arm hurts from the vibration on the wheel.

Still not in Colombo, the engine broke and we had to go to a mechanic. Unfortunately, this mechanic had not has our replacement so went to another one. The driver wanted to pay with his visa card, but the mechanic did not agreed, so due to their lack of cash, I ended up paying the new bolt. After one more mint water and an half hour traffic jam I eventually arrived in Colombo after almost three hours but at least with two very nice friend more in life. Thanks to this deep friendship they give me a discount of 500 Rupee so I had the first arranged price again, jipiih. Unfortunately they did not have change, so I paid the 2000 Rupees anyway. About my joke, that they rather pay me 2000 Rupees for me driving them they could not laugh at all.

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