Oman, 1st Impressions

My start to Oman could not start better. Though, after Bangladesh and Myanmar - the real Asia experience - here are some characters of Oman I´ve noticed straight away.

- The cities seems like ghost towns for me: Nobody is on the streets, everything takes place inside the car or the shopping mall or your own house. Even if you go to a convenience store, you honk and tell the employees what you need. So basically you never have to leave your car. (Makes sense, because Muscat these days deals with over 40 degrees Celsius)

- Yeah, the heat. I already got dizzy in 39°. And there is literally no humidity out there. Your skin is burning, too much UV with that your skin hardly can deal.

- Privacy is very important for Omanis. Rarely the daily life takes place in public. It seems very mystical for me.

- Oman is super spacious. Wide pavements, at least four lanes on the road.

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