New blog, old concept

Welcome to my brand new homepage On the one hand, I´m super happy of course to eventually get my own domain. On the other hand, it is always sad to start with a first blog entry when you know you have been blogging for the last two and a half years and wrote more than 500 blog posts. Unfortunately only my favorite and most timeless articles have made the move successfully ;) However, a new start is also always the chance to improve things. This webpage is much more modern and up-to-date. It is easier to search for certain topics, the options for design have much more variety and you can comment on every blog post! The idea, of blogging while I´m traveling, stays the same. Apart from the topic, also the medium stays the same. I thought a short time about making Vlogs but then decided that I would feel more comfortable writing than appearing in front of the camera. In the end, I have to admit, I was also very unhappy with the hoster because so many photos got lost, some texts were deleted by the host, the design got boring – plus it had so many error warning due to maintenance. Let´s see how this project goes.


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