Intensive French Classes

In Burkina Faso live more than 60 ethnic groups, thus, you´ll find more or less 68 different languages and dialects. The widest spread language is Mòoré. But also Fulfulde or Arabic are quite common. However, official language in pivate and work life will be French. Reason enough to start revising my rather basic French skills. For the last two weeks I had intensive classes but my individual, self-responsible preparation will continue until my departure. Best ways of learning for me personally: Watching French News every evening and French movies, reading children´s books and studying articles in "Jeune Afrique".Tobias is also super motivated. Apart from a couple of years French classes in school, he had never the chance to practise it properly. Nevertheless, his grammar and vocabulary is improving so quickly that I am not really worried of us surviving somehow.

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