Spontaneous Holiday: Egypt


Yes, we deserve it, before we´ll leave Germany for good. We decided more or less spontaneously to go on a holiday before moving to Burkina Faso. Personally, it marks a good transition from preparation to work. The big chapter of packing, organizing, logistics and planning has just ended so decided to get pre-tanned in Egypt. We dont have a flat anymore, neither a car. Even though I have to admit we really had things to organize until the last second when we finally left the house. In the very last minute another contract came to my mind, which I then had to quit quickly. Also, Tobias had to resign from his German bank account, which he did literally two hours before depature. It might sounds stressful, but after three months of preparation, nothing can take your calmness anymore. So, now you might wonder why Egypt? Out of two reasons: My passport is still at the embassy but to Egypt I can travel with my ID-card! Secondly, it offers fantastic kite-surf-spots for Tobias. The plan is to visit Ras Sudr first and go to Cairo and Alexandria afterwards. The forecast promises lot of sun and 23C.




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    Rolf (Donnerstag, 23 März 2017 14:17)

    Enjoy your time in Egypt and have fun in the sun.