Cairo-Welcome + Hostel Review + Visa on Arrival

Arrived safe & sound in Cairo! Only 5 hours flight away from Germany, but  such a different enviroment. Always fascinating! Weather is fine, 24C but super cold at night.

It is my very first time in Egypt, so I was very excited and stuck to the window in our taxi for the entire way from the airport to our hostel, the Dahab Hostel. As we arrived very late, I can't tell to much. The only thing I realised: people are so outgoing. Even around midnight all shops, tea houses and restaurants were crowded and lively. By "tea house" I mean a small section on the ground floor in a concrete building and a huuuuge outside area with dozens of plastic chairs where people enjoy their free time. Maybe a side note about the visa on arrival process for Egypt: either its ID-card + 1 photo + 25 USD or it is passport + 25 USD. Arrival cards can be filled at the airport. An arranged taxi pick-up brought us for 5 USD to Dahab Hostel which took 40 minutes.


Dahab Hostel has a strategic location for travelers, close to the Egyptian Museum, bus stations and the well-known Tahir Square. The hostel is on the roof-top of a rather raddled building. The general idea of a garden on the 7th floor, cozy chairs, hundreds of plants and a common kitchen is nice. But: its not very clean, so do yourself a favor and bring a sleeping bag. Also, it seemed that Dahab Hostel is meeting point for backpackers who like to drink one glass too many...:) however, there was no disturbance that affected us, so for 9 USD for a room with private bathroom (actually they call it deluxe-double-room but hey never mind) I won't complain.

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