Alone in Green Sudr Hotel

Speaking about beach holidays in Egypt, mass tourism, crowded beaches and German-speaking staff comes quickly to ones mind. Not here in Green Sudr Hotel, 30 KM behind the city of Ras Sudr, three hours from Cairo. Like all hotels along the Sinai beach strip, also our Resort is located in the middle of nowhere - or let's rather say it is surrounded by sand. The resorts to the left and right haven't opened for this season and with their forgotten construction sides it looks like ghost-towns. Seriously, there is not even a kiosk selling water outside the hotel walls... However, the hotel is as big as a village and offers everything. Green Sudr consists out of 12 buildings with 6 rooms each. A spa-building, reception hall, beach restaurant, 2 pools, a football field and a café. It is still off-season here, maybe thats why we are the only ones here. We ask the hotel staff about tourists and their answer is quite sad: even in summer season from April - November the international guests stay away due to misleading images that media creates about Sinai. However, there are some expats and Egyptian tourists coming from Cairo. But this time, it happens that Tobias and I are the only guests. 12 buildings and 15 employees only for us :) feels like king & queen. At night, it's only the guard and us. We get the best treatment possible, they offered to clean our room twice a day (we did not accept), they call our room-telephone

regularly to ask if we'd had fun during the day and they literally serve our food wherever we want (room, beach, pool, rooftop bar are our favorites). Even if it feels sometimes awkward when they switch on light in the reception hall only when we enter, staff is always friendly and with a smile on their face. Never annoyed, very polite and calm and always very happy to speak to us! The best part about it: We've got the lagoon right at the beach only to us. A very relaxing holiday so far.

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