Trip to Downtown Ras Sudr

A little change from our daily lazy-routine was the trip to the city center of Ras Sudr, 30 minutes drive from the hotel. Arriving in the city we quickly realised there is no tourist infrastructure, no english-speaking people and even the official  bilingual language policy of Arabic AND English changed into only Arabic. Exactly how I like it :). The city is small, there are a few mobilephone shops, supermarkets, drug stores. The plenty cafes, tea shops and restaurant give the city cozy flair. I had my first sugar cane smoothie and we had a wonderful lunch: falafel, Arabic salad, hummus, lamb and vegetables. We haven't been the first tourists in town, that I can tell from the people's behaviour. Maybe a bit reserved but never unfriendly. Even opposite: nobody tried to take advantage of us in terms of money and prices and they have been incredibly helpful to find vegetarian food.

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