Kitesurfing in Egypt // FLY Kitesurfing School

Egypt offers a various amount of excellent places for kitesurfing. Some of the best spots worldwide are for instance: El Gouna, Hurghada, Dahab or Soma bay. The spot where we are, Ras Sudr, is characterised by its two lagoons. The main lagoon is filled with enough water even during low-tide, so you can literally surf whenever you want and surfers are not depending on tides.

Just to throw-in some names: Aaron Hadlow and Matchu Lopes have been here for a session ;) This kitesurf school, in Ras Sudr, FLY kitesurfing, offers a package for 10 USD a day that includes rescue by boat if necessary, storage, setting up the kite, starting & landing. To offer these packages is common at almost every spot in Egypt and ensures that one place is never too crowded as the schools share the sea areas between them. To clear up with one confusion: the kitesurfing school, FLY kitesurfing, and the hotel, Green Sudr, do not belong togegther. In fact, the kitesurfing school does not offer rooms so the hotel comes in handy. On Google maps, the hotel is shown far away from the beach, so we almost did not book it. But internet is wrong, it's only a few steps away from the sea.

Days pass by easily when relaxing in front of the sea or at the pool side. I definitely recommend this spot when you don't need a 24/7 hotel care including buffet or animation program but if you want a place away from the usual tourist crowd. 

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