Change Plan / leaving Ras Sudr / New Adventure

Yap, I have to admit, watching Tobias surfing is fun but watching the sea without him is boring. Unfortunately there hasn't been enough wind for kite surfers and then even the best spot in the world becomes tiring. Writing diary and listening to music was satisfying for a few days but now I need a change. I suddenly felt this big desire to see more in Egypt than this one hotel. Yeah this place is nice - I'm not questioning it - I think I just want to experience the freedom of going somewhere where no hotel is booked once more before kind of "settling" down in Burkina. The wind forecast was even worse so it was easy to convince Tobi to leave Ras Sudr and to  go to Suez. In an over-night decision we packed everything and told them goodbye. So exciting...we are sitting in a taxi with a big smile on our face not knowing what to expect in Suez. And that makes us both happy, not knowing at this point of time that Suez will give us big adrenaline....

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    Rolf (Montag, 03 April 2017 17:15)

    Wow, what a trip! Although you have the guts and the experience - take care!

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    Laura (Montag, 03 April 2017 22:43)

    Thanks! We do. However, there have been other places wehre I felt definitely more unsecure than here in Egypt. It is lovely! Hope you are fine, too!