In Love with Suez // Art Shops // Lake-Park

"What do you want to see in Suez?", people asked me again and again. "I don't know, I'd like to sit in a cafe and watch the city-life", I answered. "But what do you want to see?" I don't know but that's the reason why I'm going. And it was the right decision!

570.000 people live in Suez

After a huge traffic jam before the tunnel, we arrive to the rather grey and poor outskirts of Suez. Actually I'm wondering why security is stricter when going from Cairo to Sinai compared to the other direction...!?

The first peaceful protester in 2011 has been killed in Suez and it is said, it marks the start of the revolution

Anyway, eventually in downtown Suez, we realise how unique this city is. There are plenty of hotels, for instance The Star, where we stayed. Not the cleanest but super friendly and reasonable. (4 Euro/Night). The city center is quite compact, you can reach everything in walking distance and - don't take it for granted in Egypt - traffic allows you to take a walk in the city. Very comfortable!

Skopje is its Twin Town

I'm impressed of these shops! So modern, so clean, everything new and the latest styles available. Shopping is so much fun here! And then juice bars, restaurants and coffee shops...hmm I loved it!


And then there are a lot of art shops and alternative handcraft stores, which somehow reminded me on art-streets in Berlin and Erfurt.

Temperature stays moderate: 35 C during hottest month of July

Highlight in Suez (apart from the Suez-canal) is the big park around the lake. Families, young couples and women use it for picnicking and sunbathing. You can rent bicycles and ride boats on the small pond. Ice-cream and drinks available. Entry is free for the park.

Quick facts:

- Reach Suez by Taxi from Cairo. One and a half hours from Cairo and approx. 250 Egyptian Pound (13 Euro). There are frequent buses and shared taxis as well.

- Go and see the famous Suez Canal.

- Eat fresh fish.

- Go for midnight shoppig on a Friday night. It´s just crazy....

- Random: There is a Hitler-Shop in Suez, selling clothes xD


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