Alexandria: the forgotten city?

After the city of Suez, we went to Alexandria. This is another important port city. You find many anient buildings and old architecture here. Alexandria has one the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. It was originally built 30 BC but destroyed and burned down many times. Nowadays, it it re-built and one of the famous sight-seeing spots in Alexandria. Besides this, you should bring empty suitcases to Alexandria, in order to fill them all with new clothe and shoes. It is a paradise.

All the famous brands, Adidas, Nike Converse, ... And not faked but just incredible cheap. (15 Euro for Adidas sneakers for instance. The old Fort at the between east and west harbor is also very famous and beautiful to sea. You can take boat rides, buy souvenirs or have ice-cream. Alexandria is nice but somehow it seemed abandoned. The buildings are more or less all ruins. Construction sides stand still, roads are in bad conditions.

It´s weird, because they have a harbor and water business always brings money, isnt´t it? Alexandria is a good destination for a few days but the "beautiful old town" is honestly not as extraordinar as all the travel guides and adverts promise.

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    Andrea (Sonntag, 09 April 2017 19:42)

    Oh my god. Wrong place but right time........fortunately. 9th of april 2017.