Bye Bye Egypt: Where not to stay!


This will be the last post about Egypt before moving eventually to Burkina Faso. However, I´d like to share my experience from Cairo first. The capital of Egypt is huge. It´s busy. It´s noisy and, yes, it´s dirty. But what to expect from a city with over 20 million citizens? Downtown area, close to the Tahir Square, has thousands of shops. There is not a thing that you cannot get here. We stayed first in "One Season Hotel" in Downtown but is was dirty like nothing else. It smelled like hell and staff was really unfriendly so we moved to "May Fair Hotel" in the neighborhood of Zamalek. Wow! Amazing here. Zamalek is an island in the Nile where most of the international companies and embassies are located. It is green like to place else in the city and has many art shops and start-up-restaurants- All in all, Zamalek is a very creative place and we enjoyed a lot to stay here. To go to Downtown area or other spots, like the Dead-City or big citadel, we used Careem (like Uber). It´s very convenient, reliable and cheap.




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    Rolf (Montag, 10 April 2017 10:57)

    Good to read that you leave Egypt with positive pictures in your mind. I have been in Cairo for trainings and stood almost 2 weeks on Zamalek. Indeed that is the area to stay and find convenient accommodation. The German embassy is also located there. Have a safe trip home and then to Burkina Faso.