Last Days in Germany: Burkina, we are coming!


Back in Germany for one and a half days, everything goes so quickly. Tobias´ family surprised us with a Goodbye-BBQ so we had the chance to say Bye to everyone personally one more time. Most of the times was however needed to prepare the bags. I thought everything is done, but honestly speaking it was kind of a mess. There were waays too many things we wanted to take. Eventually we ended up booking another 9KG suitcase on the airline and leaving more than 6KG at home against our will. Basically you can buy everything in Burkina Faso, so we won´t be sad for too long. Looking inside me, speaking about my feelings, I can say: I don´t remember a time when I was nervous and excited like this. It is still very unreal to me, that I´ll be living and working in Burkina from next week on. For now, I feel like going on a very well-prepared holiday. Main things that make me nervous are all these questions in my mind. For instance: How does Burkina look like? How will work be with my colleagues? Am I going to have problems regarding the language? Where are we going to find a flat? What if we realise we don´t like it? Luckily, I´m not alone because Tobias feels just the same. That makes it easier somehow. I can´t wait anymore to enter Burkina Faso in order to answer my own questions finally.


What's Inside?

As it was impossible for me to write down a detailed packing list, I´m just going to name the main categories.


Suitcase 1: Laura´s clothes and shoes

Suitcase 2: Tobias´ Kite Surfing equipment

Suitcase 3: Tobias´ clothes & books

Suitcase 4: Kitchen stuff: Toaster, water boiler, Indian spices, cutlery,...

Suitcase 5: A bit of everything: clothes, shoes, medicine, decoration, photos, tools

Suitcase 6: Bathroom Things: Shampoo, Body Lotion, Towels, perfume,...

Bag 1: Drone, Laptops, camera, sound system, ipad, books.

Bag 2: Laptop, chargers, cameras, laptops equipotent, mp3 player



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