Airport without planes

It is just a couple of days ago, that I´ve learned Fada has an airport. But before letting rise expectations, I have to admit: it is out of use. The so called "airport" consists out of a tiny waiting-hut and a loooong runway. That's all. In 2014, the former president Blaise Compaoré was evacuated from this airfield by a French military airplane and was flown into exile in Côte d´Ivoir in 2014. Before and after that, it is not sure if any plane has landed in Fada.

But there is rumors, that Air Burkina might start a connection from Ouaga to Fada next months. However, this runway is the direct connection into the wildness. Just fatalistic to follow it and continue into the forest. Many people do jogging here and the lazy people (like Tobias and I ) go for a walk. Really wonderful landscape.