We are growing

The photo on the left was taken in th beginning of Mai - the right one this morning. Flowers and plants are growing so quickly, it is our indicator of how fast time passes. The offer at the market has changed as well. We find more and more pineapple and even watermelon and corn. On the other hand: Less mangos. The climat has changed extremely and the heavy rainy season is only couple of days away. In Fada, Tobias and I are not the "newies" anymore, because more expats arrived in Fada and some even left again. Also, we have more time on the weekends, because we have less to organise. All the work at the house is (more or less) done, our water works and we have a vehicle. After a kind of very stressfull period at work, it seems things will calm down at the end of the week, as the month of August is holiday time for the burkinabé. I won´t take holiday and will have the office for myself then.