A trip to Kompienga


And there we are: On the road to Kompienga. Our car is packed with equipment like flip chart and Whiteboard. We have one mission: To present our new-printed posters which explain the compensation-process in case a cultivation area got damaged.


We invited local authorities, such as the major, but also herdsmen and farmers to the conference room of the town hall (the only conference room in Kompienga for our purpose). We are discussing cases of conflict and asked for examples, how they can be solved. We also exchanged about different tools of conflict management and how to use them in the burkinabé context.


Kompienga is one of 45 provinces in Burkina Faso, more or less two hours drive from Fada. We are staying in the only "hotel" in town, for 10 Euros per night without breakfast - and I have admit I´m happy it is only for one night. The state of this government-guesthouse reminds me of my last backpacking trip.


For dinner, one of the elders in the village invites us to his place. We sit in his court under the clear sky full of stars. Every minute a shooting star. His wife is preparing food on the fire. For desert, we drink fresh milk, directly from the cow in his garden. Such a good taste! On the second day, we continue our training. In the afternoon, we took the road back to Fada and arrived just in time before the big rain of the day arrived.