Village Artisanal in Nati/Benin

Natitingou has one spot where you can easily get rid of a lot of money.....the "Village Artisanal" where international artists offer self-built instruments, jewelry, traditional African decoration, clothes and paintings. We went on a huge shopping-tour and bought a lot of stuff for our house in Fada. Our favorite gallery is probably Joseph´s one, who comes from The Gambia, and offers stunning paintings. Once our car was filled with beautiful new things, we set off to Burkina. Unfortunately, we realized after three hours drive, that we forgot two masks and jewelry at the Village Artisanal. Too late to go back...we had already crossed the border. Joseph however, acted very smart: He called my friend in Nati who then collected our things. Later that week, another friend from Burkina went to Nati for a business trip and she later brought back our souvenirs!