No Internet, Fuel shortage & lots of work


"Ca fait deux jours" – - literally: It makes two days! This is a common expression in Burkina Faso to say something like "It has been a while since we last seen/heard each other".


Yeees, I needed a tiny blogging-pause in order to solve various smaller and some bigger issues. First of all, the series of terror-attacks (Burkina Faso, Spain, Finnland) made me kind of speechless. About Spain, there is this massive flood of news and analysis and videos but about Burkina I could only find three or maybe four well written articles. Burkina has also seen a large wave of protests by truck-drives, which lead to massive fuel shortage in town and villages.


Also, out of a sudden, the President of the Assemblée Nationale, Salif Diallo, died on a visit in France last week, which has also shaken the country. (Probably a heart-attack, but lots of rumor)


Today marks the end of a week long national mourning period: no loud music, no concerts, no cultural events. Apart from that, I dont know what wrong with the´s getting slower and slower....So I couldn´t really access my blog. Job-related also some news: I was very busy preparing a seminar, where my colleagues from Benin and Niger discussed the organization of an international Transhumance-Forum in November 2017. The photo was taken during the seminar, where we discussed the participants list. Over 200 herdsmen, elders and politicians are going to take part!


Now, it seems events calm down a bit, in my office but also genreally in Burkina, so the weekend comes just at the right moment to sleep-in and do nothing for two days.