Bye Bye rainy season

Around 10 days and a few nights of rain within the last two months.

Sounds like a summer in Germany?

....but I´m speaking about the rainy-season in Burkina Faso....






Beginning of August, my colleagues started to speak about the upcoming rainy season. According to what they told me about former years, I prepared myself for everything. Thunderstorms. Monsoon rains. Whirls. Some of my colleagues even took holiday, because they did not want to leave their house in August/September. So, yeah, August came, and we had one very strong rain over night and our kitchen became a swimming pool. September came and a very strong storm broke our umbrella on the terrace and some flower pots. I thought, wow, the rainy season is really coming! Then, this morning, it was 33 degree Centigrade at 7am in the morning, my guard said "hi" with these words: The rainy season is over. Eventually its getting hot again!"








That was it all?




We counted perhaps 8 days with an average rain of 4 hours and a few night with 6-7 hours rain. Yes, it is the Sahel region but also climate change plays a massive role! In the recent years, people told me, it has not been like this. Every year it is less and less rain. Farmers have difficulties to rise their crop, and mobile pastoralist have to walk their herd even further in order to find water resources and pastureland!