Energetic Essaouira

Essaouira - pronounced “Souira” - is a wonderful little beach town with an old and new city-center. The city is probably most famous among kitesurfers, because the “Lagoon” offers a good spot and you (almost) have every day wind. With the wind come also waves and I´m talking about huuuuge waves. We have seen lots of frustrated beginners....so its maybe worth to travel here, if you are used to wave-kitesurfing. The beach area is also the perfect spot to hang around in the chill-sand-barfeoot-cafès or to do camel riding. Apart from that, second famous for its “Medina”, the old town, you can buy all types of handcrafts and eat in some amazing restaurant (We personally loved “La Table” and “Adwak” ). However, the fast-food falafel sandwiches are delicious as well! In the beach/medina area you have lots of young families and couples as travelers, whereas we have not seen any other tourists in the new town. Regarding accommodation: There are hotels, hostels, airbnbs and Riads. Riads are traditional Moroccan houses (all well restored though) with an open courtyard inside the house! They look incredible beautiful with their blue tiles. Many massage- and spa-studios are located inside these traditional houses.