Magic Marrakesh


Marrakesh – Morocco's fourt biggest city and famous for the Jemaa el-Fnaa square! You won´t believe your eyes while standing on this huge spot in the middle of the city: Real cobras are dancing to live-music, acrobats jumping around the place, the air is full of frankincense smell and woman are ready at any second to paint you an exotic henna-tattoo on your arm. By night – you won´t recognize the place! All the mobile-fruit-stalls, the restaurants and ice-cream-shops and the dancers have disappeared! Like magic, the square transformed itself to a big open-air-restaurant with almost a hundred different mobile cooking stalls. Fish, vegetables, meet, you´ll find all. The only thing to tell is: Choose wisely because you might become victim of a tourist trap. So we did. The “little” starter-plate was treated afterwards as four different main-dishes. For three persons.