Calm Casablanca


Many people told us “Casablanca is the industrial heart of Morocco and thus dirty and noisy”. Luckily, we went to see with our own eyes, because Casablanca is maybe for me the most charming city in the country. Casablanca lies on the west cost with a massive coastline and also some beaches. It has just the right size: You can do a lot by foot and if the distances are too far, there is a tram. It has also just the right mixture out of locals and tourists. Travelers just melt in with the daily lively buzz of the city. Casablanca also offers some stunning architecture and in fact it was very clean. For us the most interesting: The shopping mall. We have not been to such an exciting mall since months. There is even an aquarium inside. I would have loved to spent more time here, but I´m sure we´ll come back one day!