20 Dollar Taxi Ride


So here I am, in the middle of Africa´s biggest city: Lagos. Lonely Planet writes: “heading to Nigeria, you have no choice but jump right into the madness here”




Disagree! Named after the Portuguese word for ´Lagoon´ the place it by far better than its reputation. Most chilled out people across West Africa.




For me, arriving in Lagos was a shock after those tiny countries such as Togo and Benin. What I´ve noticed straight away: They have buildings with more than one floor!


The citizens are even much more used to white people than in Benin and Togo, so you don’t suffer from overcharged tourist prices and they do not shout at you all the time on the street. Relaxing!



Everything looks by far more organized and yeah, it is actually a city and not just a town.




Cruising through Lagos, you only see highways and speed highways and flyovers. This city is huuuge! Officially 16 Million people but they told me more than 25 Million live here. 25 Million People!




You can drive one hour over the highways and you haven´t left the city. As Nigeria is an oil-country it is quite rich. Thus, living standard is high and so are the prices. Accommodation could easily cost you 100 Dollar per night, a 10 minutes-taxi-ride 20 Dollar and food (not street food but restaurant) around 50 Dollar.




You might be interested in how security is? Well, from my own experience I can assure you, Lagos is fine! I strolled around in different neighbourhoods, took taxis and local buses and I never felt unsecure.

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