Summer Cafes

Palmetto Bistro

Atmosphere: This new Café is cozy, calm and in a good location. You sit under umbrellas in shade and observe the street life in Abdoun. 


Food: Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, french touch. 


Location: WVQG+J9 Amman

Little Italy (Taj Mall)

Atmosphere: You are going to sit in lush green gardens, enjoying Italian food. Big space, so also suitable for groups.


Food: Pizza, Pasta Salad.


Location: WVRP+8X Amman


Atmosphere: outside and inside seating area


Food: Jordanian cuisine


Location: XW2J+V8 Amman

The good bookshop

Atmosphere: Cozy, hidden bookshop with some tables in their yard. Homemade cookies and cakes and very good coffee. 


Food: Pastry, cake, coffee.


Location: WWXH+F5M، ش. حليم أبو رحمة، عمّان

Kawon Bookstore

Atmosphere: This place is in Madaba, but it is so worth a drive there. Vegan and vegtarian place, with big portions, a bookshop, and a garden where the owner grows his own herbs and vegetables. 


Food: Let´s say 4 main (veggie) options but therefore high, high quality.


Location: PQ9R+MG Madabaا

Jordan Heritage

Atmosphere: Upper class restaurant with dishes from all over Jordan. All meals can be served vegetarian. 


Food: exotic things from all corners in Jordan of which I never heard.


Location: XW4G+92 Amman

Shams El Balad

Atmosphere: Cats, Trees, sit in a little jungle. 


Food: Jordanian, vegetarian, new variation of daily Jordanian food. As example beetroot falafell. 


Location: XW2G+8R Amman

Sakeyat Addaraweesh

Atmosphere: green, hipster and traditional furniture


Food: Mannaisch, Salat, Pizza, Sandwiches


Location: XW4J+C8 Amman


Atmosphere: A pub at night, a restaurant during the day. Wonderful seating area, shaded by grape leaves.. Big variety of food. 


Food: Pub food, salats, pasta - but the food should not be your first reason to come here :)


Location: XW5C+7J Amman

O2 Cafe

Atmosphere: This is real nature. 20 minutes out of Amman. Dead-Sea-view. All seating areas done from recycled wood. Combine it with a walk in the surrounding forest.


Food: Only drinks, ice cream, crisps and biscuits. 


Location: WR28+7C Amman

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