Travel Video Manama (Bahrain)

Short Video: Johanna exploring Manama

Here it is! My travel video about Manama, Bahrain. A short video can express more than 1000 words. We mingled through the narrow streets of the Manama souq, visited the big Mosque, enjoyed sunset at King Faisal Corniche, went to the aquarium and explored a high number of indoor and outdoor playgrounds.


Narrow streets, enormous heat and lots of small shops. The street sides are lined with all sorts of oriental, homemade products: colorful, fluffy sofa cushions, hanging mosaic-like lamps, carved wooden tables and Arabic spices as far as the eye can see. The 1001-night-feeling is enhanced by oud fragrance clouds thanks to the incense sticks in front of each shop. We are in the middle of Manama Bazar, here for a weekend to explore this tiny country and dive deep into another culture within the Middle East.


Read my travel report here:



Best things to do in Manama, also with kids:


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