I`m moving to Burkina Faso

Now that everything is sorted and signed, I´m so happy to announce it on by blog: Tobias and I are going to move to Burkina Faso in April.

I got a job as an advisor with a German state-owned company and going to work with two local NGOs in the context of pastoralism, transhumance and conflict transformation.

We are both super excited, even though these days, where you question everything, exist. Tobias had to give up his long-term job, which is not an easy step. However, this what I ever imagined as my dream-job while studying and I never thought it will come true so quickly ;)

For the moment, I am in Bonn to undertake some preparation classes, language courses and learn some more about conflict analysis. Tobias in the meanwhile keeps the preparation at home going. We decided not to take any furniture with us, so everything has to be sold.

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