It Is Getting Serious

So here you see all the stuff that we DO NOT move to Burkina Faso. These cartons will stay in Germany. In fact, we had the option to ship (or fly) 200 KG to Burkina by DHL but we decided to take everything with us in the aircraft. That means at the same time, that we had to reduce our luggage enormously. We did well. 6 suitcases (3 each) is the result. Preparation slowly comes to an end and of course I asked myself the question: Did I decide well enough, Am I taking the right things? Roughly spoken we packed a "kitchen-suitcase", three "clothe-suitcases" one for Tobi´s Kitesurfing stuff and one for toiletries/medicine/towels. I though I can pack much more decoration but honestly, we don´t need that. It will be so much fun to buy local handicrafts or art from burkinabé markets and bazars. Isnt´t it?

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