Arriving in Ouagadougou: Everything is more than fine



Burkina Faso welcomes us with temperature like hell: 44,5 C ! The good thing about is: there is no humidity. It is very dry and therefore still bearable. A colleague of mine picked us up from the airport. On our first ride through town, I ask myself: This should be one of the poorest countries in the world? Of course, what I can't see through the car window, is how much money people earn here on average or how many children have to go to bed with hunger. But in terms of cars, buildings, rubbish, infrastructure and shopping centers – I´m positively surprised. Ouagadougou is calm. Traffic is calm. There is almost no rubbish. The public transport system works wells. Restaurants look so cozy, always with big gardens and lots of trees in their courtyard.



After a few days in town, I feel so comfortable. I´m so happy to find Burkina Faso as my new home. Love on the first sight! Two years of experiences, friendships and adventures ahead of us.


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    Rolf (Montag, 17 April 2017 14:25)

    Good to read that you arrived and you like it there Laura! What a wonderful vehicle on the picture! The Citroen "Ente" (Duck) which I barely see on European roads any more. Have a great time in BF. I hope to find the time to drop by.