Final Destination for next years: Fada N´Gourma

Our journey into a new life continues. From Ouaga to Fada, where we will settle down. For the 230 Kilometer we need four hours by car. The first days in Fada, I kept my eyes wide open to scan every shop, visit every market and check the menus of the restaurants. I´m so curios: What is available here, and also interesting, what is not available. The quintessence of my exploring tour: Almost everything is available. It is just a question of time to find it. You rarely buy two things in the same shop. If you want a solar-lamp, you go to the solar-lamp-shop. If you want a plastic chair, you go to the plastic-chair-shop, and so on. The only exception is the supermarket in Fada. They offer pasta, drinks, toiletries, sweets and even some furniture. By the way, right now it´s mango season. Mangos everywhere you look!


What I really like about Fada is that there are many marquis (open-air-pubs) and that everybody rides bicycle here. Honestly, I´m supper happy. I expected a much smaller city with less shopping opportunities and infrastructure. The only sad thing: The restaurant with the big "Pizza"-Sign outside has closed two months ago....

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