Searching our new house


Hello world! We have good news: The hunt for our new home has started!


We already visited six houses and have to make a decision now. They are all in good condition. Nevertheless, some small works have to be done in all houses, so now we are calculating which one will take little time. We are impatient to leave the hotel and to find our real new home. In the meanwhile, we are buying lots and lots of furniture, dish and other necessary equipement. In Fada is no furniture-shop or whatsoever. You have basically two options: wood or metal. Then you either go to a carpenter or a metalworker. Everything will be produced on demand and it takes on average two weeks. At the moment, we have our orders placed at six different carpenters in Fada in order to get the furniture all at the same time. Tobias is keeping a list with all locations and information about how we already paid and how much we still have to pay – it is easy to lose the overview. Apart from this, we also met people from the expat-community in Fada ad we are so delighted to meet these great people. They have been a great help before we even arrived and now that we met in person, I feel that we have great two years ahead of us.


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