The new house

We decided on a house. Yay. For the moment, the house is still under construction, but the landlord says, it won´t take longer than a couple of days. The house already has a new rooftop. Mosquito nets around the windows, new peint from the outside and two ventilators are still missing. Actually, the house is quite big and so is the garden that includes also two mango trees. No water tank or electricity generator but, hey, two years is not forever. We will use the remaining time, to get more furniture done. Sofas and a bed for instance. Also, we are looking for a good mattress here in Fada, but the selection is limited.

Apart from the house topic, we found a very good restaurant, where we are eating almost three times a day - since one week already. Delicious vegetarian food.Tobias even starts liking Avocado-Salad ;)


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