Things gotten worse....

.....within one week, we had to shift houses two times! After three days of arguing with the landlord, we were eventually forced to leave the house and  move back to the hotel. We had to start the search from new.




Oh dear, through what an ordeal we went! We stayed exactly two nights in our new house, before we had to move out again. In fact, in these three days we couldn´t sleep in the house, because we had massive headace caused by toxic wall colour and peint that they used. So we eventually had to move back to the hotel, with our entire furniture and luggage. It was so sad! I thought we already made it and then we are back squeezed in the hotel. Reason for this was an argue with the landlord that escalted during these days. Basically, he told us to move in and assured us, all work at the house is finnished. Once we moved in, the work started again and people walking in and out in our living room without asking us. The installed for instance a new ventilator, a toilet, put colour on the wall, bleeched the ground and replaced a window glass. There was no way to feel comfortable or to prepare dinner or to sleep there! Just like foreigners in your own house. Tobias cleaned the house every day four times and then the workers made it all dirty again. We did not feel comfortable at all and had the impression the ladlord is lying constantly to us. I couldn´t stand it anymore, when people poured dirty watrer over our brand new sofas. At some point he told us, we have couple of hours to leave the house. Later on he apoliziged for this threat.


Well, never rent a house from sombody that names like the former Lybian dictator: Gaddafi.....


However, after two days, when all our furniture was brought to the playe and all suitases were unpacked, the landlord decided to increase the monthly rent without logical reason! That was our time to pack all things and leave.


And then everything went so quickly. Through a friend we found our new house and we could move in within only one day. He sent some help for cleaning over in the morning and in the afternoon we rent a tricycle to move our furniture to the new house. Lovely!


So now, the photos show our second-choice-house and I have to admit: I love this place even more than the other house. The neighborhood is nicer, the landlord more friendly and the house comes with a water tank! And yeah, the guest room is ready for you!


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    Rolf (Donnerstag, 04 Mai 2017 21:37)

    For sure it was worth the effort to go for a new home and dump the other one. You will be in a better condition and won't feel any regret. Good Luck!!! I would love the idea to attend the house warming.!!!