My three favorite places in Fada


#1 Chez Sana: This is for me the best restaurant in town! Maybe not the poshest one but it serves best food! Such a small kitchen but so many various dishes. Sana, originally from Mali, offers everything from beef steak to avocado-salad and rice with vegetables. No where else I find so many vegetarian options as here. The restaurant is located in a calm side road, a few meters before "grande marché". Prices range from 600 CFA (1 Euro) for an avocado-salad and 1500 CFA for spaghetti with vegetables (2,50 Euro).





#2 Fada Mountain: The expat community of Fada invite us for a Easter-walk on top of this mountain. It is the only one in Fada and therefore holy. Some followers of certain religions (for instance voodoo) come here to sacrifice animals. When we were there, we were he only visitors. The view is amazing (though only 30m high) and temperature is cooler on top of the mountain. Leave Fada on the Road to Gayerie and keep an eye on the left road side to find it!



#3 Campement Piscine: This nice hotel offers delicious food and a swimming pool. Entry is 1500 CFA (2,50 Euro) for a day. Meals are best to be pre-ordered. Last time we waited two hours for our food. During the week-end, the swimming pool turns into a party location for the teens in Fada. So whoever comes here for relaxing should go during the week or before midday. Tobias and I are going to the swimming pool once a week, only to have a proper shower ;)


Located on the way to Ouaga.


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