Weekend Trip: Thialy Mountain Lodge

Only two and a half hours from Fada lies a wonderful resort called "Thialy". The way to get there is adventures. You leave Fada on the paved road to Benin. After the village of Pama (106 Kilometers) you turn right on a dirt-road. After approximately half an hour you reach a huge lake. In this lake is a small island and on that island a massive mountain with lots of impressive rocks. On top of the mountain is the peaceful lodge of Thialy. We parked the car on the one side of the lake and the journey continues by boat. Two guards will take care of the car during the night, a service that is included just as the boat trip. The only thing that now stops you from a dive in the pool, is climbing uphill all the way to the lodge. Once we reached, we can´t believe our eyes. 360° Panorama view, an open terrace and a stunning view. To the left side the savanna and to the other side the lake. Each room is a bungalow in fact and you can decide to sleep inside o outside (under mosquito-net). It´s not the cheapest place for a retreat (49 Euro/night/person including three meals) but for a swimming pool on top of the hill and fresh Italian cheese its completely fine ;) We can´t wait to go there again.






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    Marbia grzesfrick (Sonntag, 21 Mai 2017 13:34)

    Haluuu... we realy Love your Blog. We also Love pierogi. We Hope you too !